Caspar makes it easy for you to design your dream children’s room with handpicked furniture, simple design and great quality with a pinch of French flair. 

The team behind Caspar consists of Florence & Anna. We are mothers ourselves and have been friends with each other for many years. Based on our friendship, our trust in each other and our values, we took over Caspar together.

Florence is our cheerful West Swiss who gives Caspar its special French flair. Florence takes care of customers in the store and strives to serve individual needs. She helps customers find the right furniture and is happy to design children’s rooms according to individual needs and wishes. Always on the lookout for new products, Florence is particularly delighted by smaller, not so well-known brands from Switzerland and Europe. When curating our selection, it is important to us that our products are sustainable. We are proud to say that at Caspar, every product is selected with love and care. 

Anna is the creative business manager behind the scenes. She is energetic and likes to develop new projects and bring them to life. Our website and online shop are in Anna’s hands, as are all marketing and social media activities. Anna particularly enjoys finding creative and unconventional ways that suit Caspar, our products and our values. Anna’s tasks also include continuously developing Caspar, realising new collaborations and partnerships and ensuring that Caspar remains true to its brand values.

But we wouldn’t be able to do it alone. We have great support in a wide variety of areas from Rhiannon. She has been with Caspar for two years now and supports Anna & Florence in sales and customer care. She plays a key role in the maintenance of the internet store helping it to run smoothly, and makes active contributions in the field of marketing and social media.