Green Friday

Instead of Black Friday, Caspar is promoting a Green Friday, with any purchases made between Friday 26th until Sunday 28th we will support the SUGi Project with a donation.

SUGi partners with schools across the globe to plant ultra-dense, biodiverse forests to serve as outdoor classrooms.

Learning in nature improves a child’s behaviour, helps them build stronger relationships, reduces stress and anger, and heightens their curiosity.

With SUGi Outdoor Classrooms, not only do students learn about the Miyawaki method* and participate in planting the forest, but the forest itself becomes a living resource, which grows up alongside the children themselves.

*What is the Miyawaki method? The idea behind Miyawaki is to create self-sustaining forests that grow in two to three years. This is achieved by planting two to four trees per square metre. Once established, they help to reduce air and noise pollution, lower temperatures, create carbon sinks and attract local birds and insects.

We’ve chosen to support SUGi’s Green Schools in Aurangabad, India. Their mission is to create dense native forests across schools throughout the city, which will help to improve air quality and promote local biodiversity. They’ll achieve this by training teams in each school to ensure the Miyawaki method is implemented effectively.

We hope that you are as excited as we are to be supporting SUGi with their Green School project in India! Let’s work together to make the world a greener place.