Elhee : Baby bottle BIBRond, 150ml, curry


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BibRondSafe, sensorial and beautifully designed, Élhée BibRond in medical grade silicone distinguishes itself by its pure lines, all in roundness, softness and suppleness to offer a special, tender moment of bonding with your baby.

Designed with the greatest respect of safety and hygiene standards for babies and infants, 0% BPA, BPS, etc.



It all started in 2019 when Allison Piraud mother of three wanted to revolutionise the baby bottle. Fed up with all the easily broken glass baby bottles, and plastic bottles containing harmful plastics, she decided on a new design using the latest generation of medical-grade silicone. This wonderful material is flexible, supple and soft to touch, and best of all its one of the safest materials for babies, completely free of Bisphenol A and S and other chemical substances. After months of testing prototypes, they found the perfect design and so, Élhée was born.

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