OMY: magic markers


16 Custom OMY Magic felt tip pens!

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OMY DESIGN & PLAY creates and designs joyful, graphic and smart products for the entire family. Decorating becomes a game, a moment where friends and family can create and share together. Each product can be easily recognized by the surprising sizes – from tiny to giant, bright colors and fun sense of humor.

These Magic felt pens can erase or change color with the help of two special white pens included in the nice packaging.

Content: 16 ultra magic markers

Designed by: OMY

Made in: Italia



Formed by Parisian artists Elvire and Marie-Cerise in 2012, OMY is best known for designing creative and inspiring graphics. Their iconic giant colouring posters paved the way for the brand making them recognisable worldwide. Every season OMY releases creative and enjoyable collections that can be found in more than 65 countries around the world!

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