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FLATMATE: Furniture at your fingertips

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FLATMATE has a closed floor space of only 0.09 m² and is probably the smallest fully equipped secretary on the market. Due to its shallow construction depth and the simple, inconspicuous exterior, it transforms long corridors of old buildings into a home office if required, offers a place in the bedroom for writing letters or serves as a temporary workstation in the weekend house. FLATMATE makes even rooms that are unsuitable for conventional furnishings meaningfully usable; due to its compact dimensions, this new interpretation of the secretary is ideal for mobile users.

The integrated flexible interior design with storage space for traditional writing instruments as well as Tablet-PC and Co. combines the characteristics of classic furniture with the new form of connected life and work. Supplemented by a Bluetooth keyboard (not included in the scope of delivery) the mobile tablet PC becomes a stationary ergonomic workstation with integrated power supply; the mobile phone can be recharged inconspicuously when the work surface is closed. The glare-free lighting and the invisible power socket are activated by the elegant 1.30-metre-long black textile cable: plug `n` work The side flaps are fitted with two 8cm-wide standard folders, a 17 “laptop with accessories as well as CDs or similar items; one of the flaps can be locked if required.

The secretary has a large, sturdy worktop measuring 420×710 mm. The high-quality flap holders guarantee a slow, damped lowering of the worktop. The inner functional area of the furniture has a depth of 8.5 cm. Behind a removable screen is a glare-free workplace lighting (LED) with soft-touch switch, integrated power socket and two USB sockets. The power supply is provided by a 1.3 meter long textile cable with plug.

The scope of delivery also includes a 3-piece order set (pad holder, letter stand, shelf) made of powder-coated metal. These elements can be flexibly hung on the rear wall. The secretary has an additional door on both sides. There is additional storage space available here. The 3 compartments on each side offer space for an 8 cm wide standard folder, a 17 “laptop, CDs, etc. Flatmate comes standard with white, round feet. Alternatively, a base panel in melamine white with birch edge is available. In addition, the secretary is secured to the wall in the upper part of the room by means of a wedge bar with only two screws. The wall installation creates a 10 mm wide shadow gap between the wall and the furniture, i. e. the total depth of the secretary is only 13.2 cm.



  • Flat design
  • Light bar and socket
  • Two large storage compartments left and right, e.g. for file folders, laptop, etc.
  • Interior back wall serves as an organization board
  • High-quality hinge guarantees a slow, dampened lowering of the worktop
  • Inner functional area of the furniture has a depth of 85 mm
  • Power supply via black textile cable (130 cm)

Size closed
width 71.7 cm, height 113.5 cm, depth 12.2 cm

Size opened
width 71.7 cm, height 113.5 cm, depth 57 cm

height of the worktop 73 cm

plywood or multiplex



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