NAMAKI : Bio Magic brush with shiny powder, Silver




Description: While most glitter is made from plastic, at Namaki we prefer to use natural ingredients of mineral origin. With the Magic Brush and its certified organic silver sparkling powder, children can now shine from head to toe and imagine enchanted worlds… at will! Infinitely refillable brush Application to skin and hair 100% natural powder

Contents: – an empty magic brush – a refill of silver sparkling powder

Directions for use: Unscrew the lower part of the brush and ask an adult to help you gently pour in the glitter powder from the refill. Screw the lower part of the brush tight. Remove the cap and slide down the cylinder protecting the hair. To start using the brush, gently shake it with the bristles down and run the brush in the palm of your hand to help the glitter powder come down.

Capacity: 4g

Certified by Cosmecert Labeled Cosmos Organic

Made in italy

Warning: keep out of the reach of young children. Do not ingest. For use by an adult. For external use only. Do not inhale.