PURE POSITION : Brick for kids middle module


Brick for kids is a shelving system with different modules that allows you to freely combine elements to create a fun shelf to suit any kids room.

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Precise fit

The extension module is available in a height of 20 or 40 cm and in a length of 80 cm. The extension module forms the connection between the frame elements in order to extend the children’s shelving system further upwards. The frames of the frame elements serve as guide rails to position the elements and give them support.

Maximum stability

Each module has a back panel, which gives brick for kids both stability and a clear structure.

A wide range of possible combinations

brick for kids is based on a certain symmetry, whereby the elements can be placed straight or offset. A visual variance results both from the slightly projecting frames and from the colours of the box fronts and frame modules.

Design with colour

The frame of the basic units can be designed in all colours of the pure position colour world. Choose between neutral white or colourful with colour accents.

Size: L 80 cm x W 32 cm x H 20 or 40 cm

Weight: 10 kg or 12 kg


pure position

The story behind pure position began in 2007 when Olaf Schroeder developed a growing table for his friends children. He quickly realised the potential for the product and so pure position was born. Since then, they've added more products to their range, all designed with children in mind.