MUUTO : Restore tray, Grey Mélange


Muuto: new perspectives on scandinavian design.

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RESTORE’s felt structure challenges traditional perceptions of functional storage baskets in a unique and understated way. The basket is mainly made from fibres extracted from recycled plastic bottles. RESTORE is an all-purpose versatile basket and is strong enough to be used for magazines, toys or even firewood.

Description: basket, stable and stackable

Materials: polymer felt

Dimensions: L 40 cm x W 31 cm x H 12 cm

Note: available in multiple colours






The brand Muuto is deeply rooted in traditional Scandinavian design. They work with renowned Scandinavian designers and offer them absolute freedom to design products. The result: innovative, original and high-quality furniture. The label reinvents everyday objects and offers creative accessories, most of which are made by hand.

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Dimensions 40 × 31 × 12 cm