RICHARD LAMPERT : Beanbag Pit Stop


A tyre as a bean bag

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The wool cover of the tyre-shaped ›Pit Stop‹ bean bag is knitted and sewn to a polyester fleece in one process. The inner synthetic fiber gives the stability, the outer knitted wool the soft touch.
Computerised programming of the knitting machine enables a knitting pattern specially developed for the shape of a car tyre. Even details like the tread profile, the sidewalls and the integrated logo are knitted in one single go, producing very little leftover waste material. The tyre has a diameter of 80 cm and a height of 30 cm.
Comfortable, cool and individual: Pit Stop offers its owners ample space and opportunities to play – and not just for kids… And there is something else quite unusual for a child furniture: It can sit in any living room without interfering with the overall interior design. Pit Stop, a tyre that works as an indoor toy. Simply cool. Not only for the little ones…

Brand: Richard Lampert

Design: Bertjan Pot, Netherlands 2010

Dimension: 80 cm (diameter), 30 cm (height)


Richard Lampert

Founded in 1993 in Stuttgart, Richard Lampert strives to create innovative and versatile furniture for everyday use. They ensure that all of their products are created with high quality craftsmanship, sustainability and great design.

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