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It is said that in the first moments of its life a newborn cannot see any further than from the arms of its parents to their faces. And that is enough, because it is love at first sight. You have just seen each other for the first time, but already feel unconditional love. With the first days and weeks that pass, you continue to observe each other. And your looks speak volumes. With our nightgown made of 100% organic cotton you can comfortably breastfeed your little one from the moment of birth. When the midwife comes by or the postman rings to bring you your new Tajinebanane delivery… No need to jump up and rush to get dressed? The nightgown has as usual our practical openings, this time extra large, so that you have enough skin to cuddle. Stylish, even if you have only slept 2 hours, you can breastfeed wherever and whenever you want with our Bed and Breastfast line. And since this often happens in bed, we wish you a Boob’Night!

*It fits loosely to be also worn during pregnancy. If you’re hesitant between two sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller one



Tajinebanane is completely revolutionising the way women breastfeed their babies, since its formation in 2018 Tajinebanane has developed some of the coolest and most stylish breastfeeding clothing out there!

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