Francis Ebet: Pouch


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Personalise your own pouches from Francis Ebet! Make a gift extra special with a hand printed gift. Francis Ebet uses old printing machines to lovingly print the designs and letters on to their products. Choose between dots or stars, then a colour and if you want (we recommend) adding a name for an extra personal touch.

Due to the nature of the printing method, there can be slight variations in the sizing of the stars and dots. The pouch and bag can be washed at 40 degrees. The paint used for printing contains no toxic ingredients.


Francis Ebet

Behind the name Francis Ebet is Pia and Ariane, since 2010 the pair have been dedicated to creating hand printed personalised products that are both useful and beautiful! They strive to produce their items fairly and whenever possible they use organic materials. What gives Francis Ebet it's rustic handmade feel is their printing method, all lovingly done by hand in Zürich. All the ingredients in the colour paints that they use for printing are non-toxic. Francis Ebet's classic star and dot prints have become a well-loved design by everyone!

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Dimensions 27 × 18 cm